14th Sunday Ordinary Time – A (7/5/20)

14th Sunday Ordinary Time – A (7/5/20)

Matthew 11:25-30

In the Gospel Reading, all who are worn out and burdened are invited to make their way to God. Rest for their weariness is found only by accepting Christ’s yoke.


Today’s Gospel makes clear that a foundational Christian truth: the Father of Jesus would be unknown were it not for Jesus His Son (Matthew 11:25-30). Jesus knows the Father and becomes like us in all things but sin to make Him known to us (v. 27). Absent Jesus, the deepest longings of all women and men never would find their ultimate answer: the God and Father of Jesus Who also is our God and Father.

Jesus carefully chooses the image of “little ones” (v. 25). Immediately we ponder: what does it meant for Jesus to say we must be childlike? It has nary a thing to do with being immature, ignorant or irresponsible. Rather, Jesus describes the necessary disposition for making our way to Him; namely, that we must assume the receptive and dependent attitude of a child. To be like a child is to place our whole trust in God’s provident care. To be childlike is to to be humble an to live little.

When Jesus walked among us, it was held that people learned to know God by the exact observance of the yoke and burden of the Law. For God’s People, this totaled 613 laws which, if perfectly lived, assured the faithful Israelite of a righteousness in the eyes of God. Although Jesus does not abolish the Law, He offers a new yoke – the yoke of sacrificial love (v. 29).

Make your way today to Jesus Who says, “Come to me” (v. 28). By being dependent and little we rely less on ourselves and ever more on God. Set aside trying impress God. Instead, be single-minded and passionate in love of God alone.