ACTS Retreat

Serves: adult Parishioners
Purpose/Responsibilities: provide a weekend retreat experience (men’s and women’s) that leads to greater engagement in parish life and ministry
Contact: Sister Marilyn Marie Ellerbrock | 419.537.6655 or

Altar Rosary Society

Serves: All women of the parish
Purpose/Responsibilities: various spiritual, educational and social offerings along with service in ministries such as sacristans, welcoming new members, etc.
Contact: Carrie Billick | 419.867.8064

Art & Environment Team

Serves: Parish
Purpose/Responsibilities: decorates the church for various feasts and seasons throughout the year
Contact: Tom Williams | 419.537.6655 or

Athletic Activities

Serves: school-age parishioners
Purpose/Responsibilities: provides support for sports: soccer, football, cross country, cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, track, T-ball and various intramural sports
Contact: Maureen Bishop | 419.531.1907

Bible Studies

Serves: Parish

Men: Saturday | 7:30 am

Women: Tuesday | 9:00 am

Contact: Sister Marilyn Marie Ellerbrock | 419.537.6655 or


Serves: Open to the public
Purpose/Responsibilities: provides Tuesday night Bingo in a smoke-free environment beginning at 6:30 pm for the benefit of Little Flower Parish. Volunteers are needed
Contact: Richard McGee | 419.535.5673


Serves: Parish
Purpose/Responsibilities: ensure proper maintenance of buildings and grounds, initial study of major repairs and renovations, safety inspections. Members are appointed by the Pastor
Contact: Liz Stieber | 419.537.6655 or

Funeral Luncheon Ladies

Serves: families of parishioners who have died
Purpose/Responsibilities: provide a setting for a funeral luncheon in conjunction with caterer/family members who provide food
Contact: Vi Kwapich | 419.866.1638

Grounds Committee

Serves: parish
Purpose/Responsibilities: care for the parish grounds
Contact: Liz Stieber | 419.537.6655 or or

Little Flowers Girls’ Club

Serves: girls five years and older and their mothers
Purpose/Responsibilities: strive to bring the Catholic faith alive and inspire girls to become authentic Catholic women through learning about Catholic virtues, saints, Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Contact: Lisa Zatko, 419-297-5415

Liturgical Ministries

Serves: parish
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist: distribute the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass, take
Communion to the homebound and to nursing home residents
Lectors: proclaim the scriptures at parish liturgies
Ministers of Hospitality: greet and welcome all who come to worship at Little Flower, fulfill the
duties of ushers
Ministers of Music: sing or plan an instrument in one of the choirs, cantor at liturgy
Servers: assist the priest during liturgy

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Contact: Tom Williams | 419.537.6655 or


Serves: parish
Purpose/Responsibilities: help prepare parish mailings
Contact: Bobbi Rutkowski | 419.536.9058

Men’s Club

Serves: Men of the parish (18 years and older)
Purpose/Responsibilities: foster community spirit and friendship while providing fundraising activities (for parish and St. Benedict Catholic School)
Contact: Tom Coy | 419.535.3216

Men’s Night

Serves: adult men
Purpose/Responsibilities: offer monthly opportunities for faith enrichment and fellowship
Contact: Paul Figliomeni | 419.699.1458

Ministry to the Sick and Infirmed

Serves: parishioners who are sick and infirm
Purpose/Responsibilities: provide pastoral care for those in physical need through visits, prayer and bringing Communion. Due to privacy laws, someone must notify the parish of the need.
Contact: Parish Center | 419.537.6655 or

Mom’s Group – Bloom

Serves: Mothers and Grandmothers of all ages
Purpose/Responsibilities: offer a monthly gathering for support, growth in the faith and integration of faith and family. Childcare is provided for children under the age of three. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is provided for children ages 3-5. To register, go to

Contact: Ann Francis | 419.842.8062


Prayer Chain

Serves: all in need of prayer
Purpose/Responsibilities: offer prayer support to those in need; intentions are circulated through phone calls
Contact:  Parish Center | 419.537.6655


Serves: parish
Purpose/Responsibilities: take care of altar linens, candles, flowers, vessels and vestments
Contact: Bobbi Rutkowski | 419.536.9058

Saint Benedict Catholic School

Serves: families of Little Flower Catholic Parish and Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Parish
Purpose/Responsibilities: provide a quality faith formation and educational program for children from preschool through grade 8
Contact: Martha Hartman | 419.536.1194

Simeon and Anna

Serves: those 60 years and older
Purpose/Responsibilities: offer a monthly luncheon and presentation, providing an opportunity for fellowship and education
Contact: Sister Marilyn Marie Ellerbrock | 419.537.6655 or


Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Serves: persons within the Little Flower Catholic Parish boundaries who are in need
Purpose/Responsibilities: provide food, clothing and limited help with utilities to those in need; volunteers welcome; contributions accepted from parishioners

Learn more here:
Contact: Dianne Brandt | 419.531.5268


Serves: homebound parishioners and those in nursing homes
Purpose/Responsibilities: take Communion to those unable to come to Mass due to reasons of health
Contact: Sandie Roccia | 419.841.7616; Gerri Mouch | 419.531.8005