ACTS Retreats 2016-2017


Little Flower Parish has the distinction of being the first parish in the state of Ohio to introduce the ACTS parish based retreat. More than a simple retreat “program”, ACTS is designed to implement the New Evangelization in a way that transforms parishes into intentional disciples. Founded in San Antonio, TX in 1987, ACTS is now a national and international movement. ACTS retreats are structured on the foundation of Adoration, Community, Theology and Service.  Parishioners come together to experience how their daily lives are fundamentally impacted by the Word and Sacraments of our faith. Through a weekend retreat (men’s and women’s) and through small faith communities, parishioners are led to live their faith more intentionally on a personal and community level.

The primary roles of the ACTS Council are to sponsor the weekend ACTS retreats for Little Flower Parish and to focus on the spiritual development, service orientation and ongoing community building of those who have made the ACTS retreat. Members of the ACTS Council for the 2016-2017 year include:

Katie Clausius – Facilitator                                 Mark Stasa – Co-Facilitator

Missy Gillig – Finance                                          Martha Nasset – Communications/Data

Rick Bechtel – Supplies Coordinator                  Cheryl Schramm – Support coordinator

Bob Sadowy – Supplies Coordinator                 Fred Glynn – Support coordinator

Marianne Hassen – Social Coordinator             Mike Myers – Spiritual coordinator

We now have a new email for ACTS correspondence here at Little Flower!  If you have questions or prayer intentions or feedback regarding ACTS, please email


Little Flower Parish ACTS Retreats | 2016-2017

Women’s Retreat: March 30-April 2, 2017 (begins on Thursday evening and ends early Sunday afternoon)

Men’s Retreat: November 2-5, 2017 (begins on Thursday evening and ends early Sunday afternoon)

ACTS Brochure 2016-2017  

ACTS Registration Women 2017

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Application forms are also available in the Parish Office.

ACTS Missions Vision

Through the ACTS retreat, ACTS Missions provides the spark that ignites Catholics, worldwide, with the true eternal flame of the Holy Spirit. As an instrument of God, ACTS is the light that will bring about the New Evangelization to the entire world by fostering love and true discipleship, leading others to a commitment and obedience to Our Lord Jesus Christ by our every word, action and thought.